Jane Evans



Jane had a stunning career in advertising. She gave Cate Blanchett her first job, created Australia's first craft beer and ran her own multi-million dollar agency with clients like Revlon and Maserati.


She has travelled the world, rubbed shoulders with celebrities, dined with royalty, won a host of awards, and worked with the world's top brands. She created the world's first ads to show a divorced couple, an unwed couple living together, and men doing laundry effectively. But after 31 years, she became invisible. So, armed with statistics that prove women over 50 are the most powerful consumer group on the planet, who buy 47% of everything, she put together a kick arse team, got an influential following on social media, and has been making invisible women visible to the world again. These women are now back at work, on stage and on TV. And Jane has empowered each of them. All on her own time and at her own expense.

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