Mark Kaminski



Mark is the Co-Founder of Over The Top Marketing, a full service OTT/Connected TV agency. Mark started his entrepreneurship at the age of 23 when he started his first web development business and turned a business plan into a multi-million dollar e-commerce company in less than a year. For the next decade, Mark has remained in marketing, from digital marketing to national TV advertising and everything in between.


While owning and operating a successful digital marketing agency for the past several years, Mark saw the opportunity to take his experience in targeting and technology and leveraging it in the OTT space. Since its inception, Over The Top Marketing has taken the industry by storm by adding clients of all sizes including Fortune 100 companies down to the local mom and pop shops. Mark runs the daily operations of Over The Top and is hands on with every client and every campaign. Now at 41, Mark has had over a decade of business ownership and managing millions of dollars in advertising budgets. His goal is to become the "go to" person in the OTT industry.

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