“I realised as I turned 40 that we continue to recognise all the rising stars within our industry, but what about the established stars? We should feel proud of our journey and share our experience so others can learn from us. That’s what inspired me and my amazing partners to create this wonderful platform.”

Anna Dalziel, Founder

During Anna’s tenure in advertising she has spoken on numerous panels, and written articles championing diversity, equity & inclusion. Anna has won several accolades for her contribution towards DE&I in the advertising space. Anna currently sits on a Conscious Inclusion Council and is an ‘ageism’ adviser for the Advertising Association.

“Hitting your mid-thirties is a time when you reflect and think of all the things you ‘should have achieved by now’, and after seeing list after list of what the latest under-30 has accomplished can be quite disheartening. But I have come to realise that there is no set path, and we shouldn’t dread getting older, it is a privilege and one we should celebrate. I have been lucky enough to work with lots of people who have inspired me, mentored me, and helped me grow – all over 40. These people should be celebrated.”

Anna Scholes, Founding Partner

Anna is part of a ‘Be One’ committee and champions DE&I. More recently, Anna has been instrumental in winning a DE&I award at the Drum Awards.

“Having worked with amazing people across a range of ages in the industry, it’s so important we recognise and celebrate those who have experience and talent that we can learn from. Each phase of life provides us with different outlooks and opportunities, and that shouldn't change once you turn forty. This initiative gives people who are often overlooked the platform to be acknowledged.”

Charlotte Read, Founding Partner